Preschool & Extended Day Preschool


This curriculum is founded on the premise that sensory motor development is the basis for intellectual development. Children learn by doing, developing through sensitive periods in particular areas. Each child at Bridges is observed, assessed and guided in the Montessori curriculum depending upon his/her learning style. The preschool environments are set up to nurture concentration, coordination, order and independence. This program offers rich experiences in practical life, sensorial, language, math, geography, science and art. Lessons use a hands-on, manipulative approach in an atmosphere of respect and freedom within limits. This program is designed as a multi-level curriculum. Each class is a mix of 3-5 year olds offering numerous social experiences, developing a sense of community.

Extended Day Preschool

In our extended day program, your preschool child will attend his/her regular 5 Day morning program. He/She will then have a little extra outdoor time followed by lunch. All children bring their own lunch and eat with the other children in the program. After that, they will work with extensions and advanced work in the Montessori environment. It is ideal for our 2nd and 3rd year preschool students who are ready for longer periods of concentration and more complex work. The class is Monday through Friday and lasts until 2:30 PM. The start time each day will either be 8:15 or 8:30 depending upon your morning class.

Admittance into this program requires approval by your child’s teacher or by the director.

It is the express Policy of Bridges Montessori Academy to admit students of any race, color, nationality or ethnic origin to all of the rights, privileges and programs made available to the corporation.



Bridges named THE BEST Preschool in the Fox Valley for the 2017 Kane County Chronicle Readers’ Choice more.