Math and Social Sciences


Our Mathmatics curriculum encourages positive attitudes toward math by providing an exciting and varied approach.

Bridges integrates several methods designed to create a complete math program, satisfying each individual’s learning style and providing an extensive experience for children:

  • "Everyday Math" to develop critical thinking using math skills.
  • "Math Their Way" to put abstract concepts in concrete form.
  • "Montessori Math" to progress from manipulative to symbolic representations.
  • Addison Wesley publishers for writing math skills.
  • "The experiential math wall" to connect math skills.

Multiple programs provide children with activities that require them to think math, build mathematical concepts in concrete fashion, write solutions, illustrate or draw reasoning strategy, and actively apply these mathematical concepts.

Social Sciences

In our social science program, our students move beyond their own experiences to explore other times and world cultures through literature.

Science takes many forms. The students are allowed freedom of exploration during a variety of classroom experiments to solidify concepts surrounding the world of science.



Bridges named THE BEST Preschool in the Fox Valley for the 2017 Kane County Chronicle Readers’ Choice more.