Steeped in Montessori philosophy with deep respect for its principles, Bridges Montessori Academy and Bridges Academy view each child as a unique individual and one to be respected for that uniqueness. Bridges offers an environment that allows for the natural unfolding of the child and builds a foundation for lifelong learning.

Through a carefully prepared environment and curriculum, the child is exposed to a variety of experiences and materials. Each is designed to nurture the child’s absorbent mind and foster his total development. Bridges provides an interdisciplinary manipulative-oriented experience, which facilitates independence self-confidence, self-discipline and respect. Each program offers a unique meshing of learning styles, which keep pace with the individual educational needs of the child in today's society.

Bridges views the parents as primary in the education process. We are committed to working as a partner with parents in an atmosphere of respect and concern to ensure a meaningful experience.



Bridges named THE BEST Preschool in the Fox Valley for the 2017 Kane County Chronicle Readers’ Choice more.